Responsible Gaming
Commitment & Policy
Responsible Gaming
our commitment & policy
sportstoto is a national project initiated, in Oct. 2001 in accordance with the 'National Sports Pro motion Act', to raise funds for promoting sports, nurturing healthy leisure activities, and preparing for the 2002 KOR-JPN World Cup.
To fulfill these goals, we have been consistently committed to bringing a Responsible Gaming culture as the most critical goal. We strongly believe ,ards of corporate responsibility are essential to maintaining the public's confidence and running a successful National sports betting business. To follow this rule, we are operating our business under the most rigorous regulations in the world and strongly complies with them. The national-level safety net, preventing this healthy leisure activity from being used as a chance for illegal gambling, includes an annual issuance limit of 1,000 programs, maximum stake up to KRW 100,000 per program, and ceiling on annual ticket sales.
Not only these regulations for the prevention of problem gaming, but also we are promoting and educating these policies for a responsible gaming practice, fulfilling its social responsibility as a licensed operator. Most of all, our Responsible Gaming activities are organically linked across the entire business from a research, and marketing to training for stakeholder. Additionally, Sportstoto is creating the environment where all stakeholders participate in the RG activities by pursuing RG campaign with outside organizations such as the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation(KSPO), the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism(MCST), the National Gabling Control Commission(NGCC), and other society & research centers.
we also try to improve ethics and bring about social values by operating diverse training, due diligence, ethics training, regular volunteering programs regarding responsible gaming practices, targeting all the employees. In addition, we are providing various RG programs to enhance a sense of responsibility of the retailers, and contact points with customers, while regularly rewarding outperforming retailers based on their RG activities, motivating them to commit themselves to the responsible gaming initiatives.
sportstoto customers are largely exposed to promotion and training information about responsible gaming practices via various printouts, broadcasting, and the internet before and during their gaming participation. The PR vehicles of Sportstoto are fully geared up for the player training on responsible gaming practices.
various information on responsible gaming is consistently distributed to customers, along with Sportstoto PR materials such as LED of retailers, video texts, posters, and printouts, sports magazines, daily newspapers, and sports broadcasting programs with Help-line numbers. In addition to it, self-evaluatio & self-limiting programs are delivered to customers as part of online programs designed for improving responsible gaming practices.
sportstoto is consistently developing and carrying out a policy for responsible gaming culture, especially customized for different stakeholder and different forms of media, or for the character of on-/off-line channels. These programs are largely contributing to making Sportstoto business more responsible and enjoyable sports events.
Level 4 Certification
international commitment
as a leading responsible gaming operator, Sportstoto has been awarded Level4 Certification of the World Lottery Association(WLA) Responsible Gaming Framework in September 2013 by continuous commitment to the various responsible gaming programs. WLA RGF Level 4 Certification reflects how Sportstoto has successfully implemented the RG principles into our day-to-day operations. We will keep trying to settle our responsible game policy and develop the responsible gaming programs.
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