CI Introduce
Symbol Mark
Express a positive and friendly image of sports
sportstotokorea's CI symbolizes a positive lifestyle, a healthy and exciting life with sportstotokorea. Green represents life, growth, positivity and trust. Mix of fresh light green and deep dark green highlights sportstotokorea is committed to create sports environment where customers and society harmoniously coexist. ‘Korea’, expressed in gray, adds refinement and emphasizes sportstoto. The round font expresses infinite possibilities through the image of circle and a lower-case combination reduces the visual weight to capture a friendly image. We aimed to create concise CI to give visual and emotional comfort in various ways. The CI is concise and complete and can be applied in various setting to give visual and emotional comfort.
Greed System
Color System
Pantone 2257
C88 M10 Y88 K0
R21 G161 B78
Pantone 7484
92 M5 Y83 K24
R0 G86 B64
Cool Grey 40
C12 M8 Y9 K23
R193 G195 B195
Pattern Color
C92 M58 Y86 K33
R0 G74 B53
Pattern Color
C88 M46 Y100 K8
R9 G109 B56
Pattern Color
C80 M17 Y100 K0
R18 G151 B59
Pattern Color
C46 M6 Y40 K0
R148 G199 B169
Pattern Color
C28 M8 Y20 K0
R195 G215 B207
Pattern Color
C15 M4 Y11 K0
R224 G235 B230
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